Angel Game

Today we met up with Tia Lindsey and Uncle Matt at Angel Stadium. This was Tessa’s second game (last year we had to leave early because it was too loud). Tessa wore her Trout jersey that Uncle Matt bought her for Christmas. 

 Uncle Matt bought great seats in the shade and close enough for Tessa to see! She sat on my lap most of the game.  Lots of workers stopped to say hi to her and one even gave her a temporary tattoo.

Lindsey and I had nachos in a helmet which we had been craving! Then Tessa took a short nap before the 7th inning stretch. 

The excitement at the end of the game kept Tessa entertained and she got to sit in her own seat since the couple sitting next to me left. 

Uncle Matt was happy the Angels won! 

Glad this game was a success! Can’t wait to take Tessa to another game next year.