Angel Game with Daddy and Uncle Matt

Tonight Daddy and Uncle Matt took Tessa to an Angel game. They chose tonight’s game because the giveaway was a Mickey replica statue. Tessa did a great job on the drive there and didn’t have an accident. I gave James the little potty for her to use before the game. 

Daddy changed her into her Angels gear and they headed to the stadium. 

Tessa was so excited for her Mickey surprise and held onto it all game! 

Tessa had one pee pee accident because she was afraid of the big potty but Daddy and Uncle Matt handled the situation and they went on with their night. 

Apparently she didn’t eat the hot dog or ice cream she requested lol. 

After the game Tessa had to show big Mickey her little Mickey and give him a kiss. Thanks again Daddy and Uncle Matt for taking Tessa she had a blast!