Angel Baseball Game 2016

Tonight we met up with Gigi, Papa, Auntie Madi, Kevin, Tia Lindsey, Uncle Matt, Aunt Polly, Uncle Kurt, Kody and Paige to watch an Angel game. I was happy her jersey Uncle Matt bought her still fit! 

Tessa loves doing anything as long as she has her entourage around. Tonight she had more fun than I expected though. She was so excited that Mickey was at the baseball game! 

Although she didn’t understand much of the game she loved the snacks and dancing. Last night she told me she wanted ice cream as her treat at the game so Papa made sure that happened. Aunt Polly brought yummy snacks and gummy lifesavers especially for Tessa.

My favorite part was watching her dancing and clap when everyone cheered. 

Tessa didn’t quite understand the 7th inning stretch but went with it. 

The highlight of the night was when Tessa made it on the jumbo tron! I rushed to get a picture. 

Soon it was binky/Cindy time. 

Although the Angels lost we all had a great time! 

Tessa decided to stay awake on the drive home (probably from her sugar high) and talked about how she wanted to go to another game…right now and have everyone come sleep at her house. When we put her to bed she said “thank you for the baseball game and to see Mickey”. I would say the game was a success!