9 months old!

Time flies when you are having fun! This has been such a fun month with Tessa. She has learned so many new things!
This month started off with lots of boo boos. Tessa is still learning her boundaries and what she can do before hurting herself. She is brave and doesn’t cry when she gets a shot at the doctors, however she cries when she falls back on a soft pillow.
She loves to talk and has started to wave. She can point out the nose on many animals and things. She is still working on learning where “eyes” are. Tessa likes to drop toys and then look to see where they landed. She enjoys this game in the bath because the toys make a banging noises when they fall.
Tessa is strong just like Mommy and Daddy. She can pull herself up to the standing position when you hold her hands. I see her enjoying going to the gym someday.
She still isn’t crawling 🙁 but she is good at scooting backwards and then spinning herself in circles to get where she wants to go.
She loves to be outside going on walks and looking at the plants and trees! She is quite the nature lover.
Tessa LOVES Disneyland and her favorite ride is Dumbo. She likes to go up and down. She also likes Sofia the First (I think she likes her big purple dress).
Tessa has always had a great personality she only cries when she hurts herself and is happy all the time. We are seeing her sassy attitude start to emerge especially when she pulls out her hair bows and laughs at you when you tell her no.