8 months old!

Tessa is officially 8 months old! Time is flying by!!! Tessa loves to play sitting up and will stay that way for hours if I let her. She can go from sitting to her belly but whines when she does because she is refusing to scoot let alone crawl. When she is on her belly she pivots in circles and rolls to get whatever toy she wants. She is especially good at this during her nighttime “chill” out time. She manages to roll/pivot all the way to the tile so she can slap the top of her feet and ting her binky.
She loves to look at herself in the mirror and does this adorable head tilt. She has been head tilting randomly lately especially when trying to get others attention.
Tessa is putting her two bottom teeth to use now that she has started eating more solids. She loves cereal and has been trying new veggies. So far her favorite is butternut squash.
She has been spending more time with Gigi since I have been subbing more frequently. She loves to play with her activity gym at Gigi’s because she can bounce it and make noise. She also loves giving her panda big hugs! Playing with her right foot is a favorite pastime whether it’s on the carpet or while nursing.
Tessa’s love for Cindy has continued. Cindy is now a gray color instead of white but I don’t dare to wash it now that she is on a good day/night routine.
She still wakes up twice a night to nurse but quickly falls back asleep which I appreciate. Tessa takes two naps a day and wakes up around the same time daily. She is up around 7:30, takes a short nap around 10ish and then a long nap in the afternoon.
Overall, Tessa is the happiest baby I know. I constantly get compliments on how cute and animated she is. She has a lively personality and is constantly making us smile. I love spending my days with such a fun and amazing little girl.