7 months old!

Already! I say this every month but I’m shocked at how quickly the time passes. It has been amazing to be home daily with Tessa to see her grow and change.

This month Tessa’s two bottom teeth have pushed through. I can’t get a picture but I can sure feel them! She has started pushing her tongue against them and makes a clicking noise (another thing she only does when the video camera isn’t on)

Tessa has also been more aware of her surroundings. She watches Scout and knows when Daddy is home from work. She loves to talk to Daddy and Auntie Madi. She has even started looking at you when you say her name.

Her favorite thing is taking a bath and playing. She loves bath time! She tries to catch the water coming out of the shower head, loves to splash, and chew on her bath toys. Tessa LOVES to play. She will play for almost an hour alone. She loves toys which makes it hard to not buy her new ones constantly!

I love this age because we have established a good routine now that Tessa is more independent and can play sitting up. Plus we have made it through sleep training so she naps better and sleeps well at night. She has become very fast at nursing now that playing is more important but that also means she gets distracted during nursing by playing with her foot (only the right one) or unlatching to listen to who is talking.

James and I are lucky to be the parents of such a smart and happy baby girl! We love you Tessa!

Her month onesie has been made for a week but James is out of town to watch the 49ers play at their new stadium and I need him to help get Tessa to smile so those photos will have to wait until Monday.