6 months old!

Tessa celebrated her 1/2 birthday today! It is crazy to think that 6 months from now we will be celebrating her 1st birthday…let the tears begin. I remember when Tessa was a couple months old and thinking that at 6 months is when all the “cool” things happen. And actually it is true. Although I miss her being younger watching her grow up has been so exciting. I feel like she is literally learning something new everyday. I’m constantly taking photos or video taping her to remember it all.

I think the biggest milestone that she reached this month was learning how to sit up. She doesn’t need us for support and can even play with toys sitting up now. She has also learned that if she rolls multiple times she can get to toys faster or if she pulls her blanket she can reach toys easier. She loves to play in her activity gym. She makes so much noise in that thing!

Tessa loves toys! She can pass them back and forth between her hands, picks them up, and grabs for everything that you have. Her favorite toys right now are frozen teethers because she has started teething. Her bug toy still goes everywhere with us though. She is so smart, learns things quickly and has started to mimic what you do.

This month she has also found her tongue and loves to stick it out when she smiles for pictures.

I think my favorite part of her being older is seeing how much personality she has! She lights up a room with her constant smile, adorable laugh and energetic demeanor. Happy Half Birthday Tessa! We love you!