4th Birthday at Disneyland

Today Gigi, Auntie, Aunt Polly and I took Tessa to Disneyland to celebrate her 4th birthday in a big way! Daddy took the day off to watch Landon. Our plan for the day was take a picture with every Disney Princess while Tessa wore the matching dress. This meant bringing nine dresses, matching bows and shoes!

I made a game plan the night before using the Disneyland app to ensure that we would meet each princess. We also planned to leave earlier than normal.

We had to carry around the bag of dresses all day!

Once we arrived our first princess on the list was Jasmine so we headed to the Fantasy Faire umbrella. Turns out Jasmine wasn’t going to be available so we met Aladdin instead.

Next we went to the Mark Twain boat to wait for Tiana. Auntie and I decided to get a quick Big Thunder Mountain ride in.

We had to leave to catch the Beauty and the Beast show (it’s the only way to meet Belle in the yellow dress). We then found out that Tiana wasn’t available today either and they changed the Beauty and the Beast show times.

I was super annoyed nothing was going as planned. We decided to wait in the Royal Hall line to meet Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel.

The line was an hour long so Auntie took Tessa to watch the Rapunzel show I hopes to meet her afterwards (rumor was Rapunzel wasn’t going to be meeting guests besides after the show). During the show Belle came out to the umbrella so I pretended like Tessa had to use the restroom and left Auntie watching the show. I quickly changed Tessa into the blue dress while Aunt Polly waited in the Belle line. During all this Gigi made her way to the front of the Royal Hall line and just let people go in front of her.

Tessa met Belle in the blue dress and got her first autograph in the autograph book she got for her birthday. Belle also danced with Tessa. Tessa told her that her favorite book was Beauty and the Beast.

I quickly changed Tessa back into her Rapunzel dress and sent her back into Auntie to meet Rapunzel after the show. We got lucky and Rapunzel and Flynn both came out. Tessa was excited to get more signatures in her autograph book.

We rushed to get Tessa dressed in Snow White and got in line with Gigi. It turned out that Aurora was first in the Royal Hall so we did a quick outfit change! Aurora spun her around to fluff her dress. Another outfit change to meet Cinderella. They even had matching glass slippers! The last princess in the Royal Hall was Snow White. She signed Tessa’s autograph book (on the wrong page) while we changed Tessa. We went to the wishing well so Tessa could take pictures by the dwarf statues in her Snow White dress. Another quick change for a castle picture. I realized Tessa was wearing the wrong shoes. When we were switching them to the gold shoes Peter Pan came by and helped out. Peter Pan then ran with Tessa to the wishing well and taught her how to scream into it to hear her echo. Then we took castle pictures Before we headed to lunch we ran into Alice and the Mad Hatter at the wishing well. The Mad Hatter shared his tea with Tessa.

Then we ate lunch and Tessa rode Big Thunder Mountain with everyone while I pumped.

We met back up and went back to the Royal Hall to have Snow White sign the autograph book in the right spot and meet Ariel.

Ariel asked Tessa if she swam there since she had a fin and Tessa said yes lol.

Our last dress of the day was Belle’s yellow dress. Tessa watched the Disneyland band and then we watched the Beauty and the Beast show.

After the show Belle came out! Tessa was so excited to see her in the yellow dress. Belle asked her what her name was and quickly realized she had met her this morning in the blue dress. She was so shocked and just couldn’t get enough of Tessa.

Our princess day was complete! Tessa then chased around ducks and changed into jeans and a jacket.

While I took all the dresses and accessories to the car they went to California Adventure for ice cream.

Then we rode Ariel, Soarin, Toy Story, and Lightning.

We had such an amazing day full of so many special memories! Happy Birthday Princess!