40 inches at Disneyland

Tessa has finally reached the 40 inch mark at Disneyland which has opened up a world of rides for us! James offered to keep Landon for the day so Tessa, Gigi and I headed to the Happiest Place on Earth.

We went to California Adventure first to get a fast pass for Radiator Springs Racers or as Tessa calls it the Lightning McQueen ride. Our fast passes were for 9:30 at night! Tessa chose Ariel for her first ride of the day and then we rode the Jumping Jellyfish which is a 40 inch ride. She loved it!

Then we rode the Golden Zepher and next was the swings! The swings are also a 40 inch ride but because Tessa is 40 inches we had to ride on a tandem swing. She loved it because her swing was yellow and she didn’t have to “pump her legs”.

Gigi took Tessa on Mater while I went to the baby center to pump.

Then we ate lunch in Cars Land.

A super nice Disney cast member changed our ride FastPass time so Tessa could ride Radiator Springs Racers in the day time. I was so thankful!

Off to Tessa’s first big 40 inch ride!

Tessa loved the ride! She said “her belly tickled on the racing part!” and “Luigi changed our tires to white wall tires”.

Then we went to Bugs Land and rode the take out boxes.

Tessa posed for a picture with Santa and his reindeer.

The we went to Beast’s Library and found out that Tessa is most like Belle. She took a quiz to find out which character she is most like.

Then we went to the Animation Academy to draw a picture of Chip. Tessa listened to the teacher and tried hard!

We went to Disneyland and got a FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain. We rode the Jungle Cruise and the fish surprised Tessa and she jumped in Gigi’s arms.

Tessa got a Christmas popcorn bucket and we went to see the princesses.

A quick castle picture

Then we rode Autopia and Tessa was a sight seeing driver like Papa!

Next we rode the Casey Jr train and then we went to use our FastPasses to ride Big Thunder Mountain. I was worried because it was dark but Tessa loved it!!

We went back to California Adventure for dinner and Tessa chose Toy Story Mania for her last ride.

We stopped for ice cream in Downtown Disney even though it was super late!

Tessa ate her ice cream and then passed out!

We had the best day ever!