2 year check up

I had originally made Tessa’s doctors appointment today to have the rashes on her body looked at. The doctor had time so decided to do her two year check up at the same time. Tessa was very patient while waiting for the doctor to arrive. She was so tired she almost fell asleep on the table.  

   Tessa weighs 29 lbs and 5 oz and is 34 inches tall. The doctor was happy with how well she talks and the milestones she has reached. She said we can start potty training and that we should let her do things for herself like start dressing and undressing herself. 

The rashes all over Tessa’s body are eczema and she prescribed an oil to use as well as switching the type of body wash we use. 

Tessa doesn’t have an ear infection which is good she just has a cold. 

Tessa had to get one shot but I let her watch the Mickey parade on my phone so she didn’t even flinch! 

We are so proud Tessa is healthy and on target with her development.