1st Waterpark 

Today we took Tessa to a small waterpark nearby called Dropzone.  

She felt like a big kid because she got her own wristband (she was so proud she kept it on until the next day to show Gigi).  

Tessa’s favorite part was the splash pad. She probably played in this area for 2 hours.  

She was so proud when she learned how to turn the water back on. 

Then we went in the lazy river. Tessa didn’t like it very much because she had to wear a life vest.  

The park also had a flow rider and a few bigger slides.  

Tessa really wanted to go on the kiddie slides but wasn’t 36 inches tall. Maybe next year. She did have fun playing with Daddy though.  

Tessa passed out after being in the car for a minute. I say it was a successful day.