1st time sitting in the cart

After getting my fingerprints done to sub in Moreno Valley I decided to take Tessa to Target to browse. We hadn’t gone anywhere all week and I think she needs to get out more/be around more loud noises (our house and neighborhood are too quiet). I wanted to see if she was ready to sit in the cart this trip. She is getting too heavy to lug around in the car seat and she can sit up pretty well. It turns out she was ready! Target carts are a little wide so I tried shoving blankets on each side of her. It worked for the most part but I still wanted something to keep her from tipping to the side. As we were browsing we came across “baby” pillow pets. They were perfect! So we borrowed them while we shopped. I shoved one on each side of her and that did the trick. It was so cute to watch her look around and see the store from a new point of view. She also loved chewing on her keys and princess book.