1st time playing in the bath

I was lucky enough to have a friend who gave me a bunch of stuff for Tessa and one of those things was a great seat to use in the bath tub. We never had to buy one of those baby bath tubs. The seat has been working great and Tessa has always loved baths. Now that she can sit up well I wanted her to be able to actually “play” in the bath with toys. I was worried that she would slip and bump her head if I just let her sit in the big tub plus that was a lot of water to fill up. While shopping at Babies R Us that weekend, James found a blow up tub that sits inside the real bath tub. It was the perfect solution!

He blew it up this morning and we had Tessa test it out before putting it in the tub. She seemed to enjoy it.



We then put it in the tub and filled it up! Tessa loved it! She would chew on her Minnie Mouse toy and then let it float away before catching it again.



I apologize in advance for the long video. She was just having too much fun!

The best part was all that play time wore her out so she napped for an hour and twenty minutes!