1st musical theatre class

I found a local dance studio that offers a musical theatre class and we took Tessa today to try it out. She tells me all the time she is going to be on stage at Disneyland and loves to sing/dance so we thought it would be perfect. 

Yesterday James and I went to a local children’s boutique that was going out of business. They had dance shoes and leotards for half off so we bought her some to wear to class. She looks so adorable!

Today’s class only had one other little girl in it which made it a nice introductory class for Tessa. The class is for 3-6 year olds and the other girl was 5. 

They started with introductions where they had to say their name, how old they are, and their favorite color. Tessa did a good job and wasn’t shy! She said her favorite color was yellow like Belle’s dress. 

Then they did wall stretches. 

Next they warmed up 

Then they skipped and danced across the floor. The teacher said Tessa is a little young to learn how to skip but was teaching her the basics. 

Then to bring in the theatre part they used bean bags and pretended they were other things like a cell phone, toothbrush, and drum to practice acting. Tessa chose the yellow bean bag. 

Next they worked on learning lyrics of a song and singing voices. 

Then they put their acting and singing skills together to practice parts of a song. 

They ended class with freeze dance. Tessa loved getting to dance with a wand! 

She got a sticker at the end of class. 

When we left I asked her what her favorite part was and she said dancing with the wand and singing. 

I’m so proud of our little girl for being such a good listener and doing her best today. She can’t wait to go back next week! We also decided to put her in the ballet/tap combo class on Mondays.