1st Manicure 

Last night we finished Landon’s nursery and Tessa was sad when Gigi and Auntie had to leave. We told her she could come to the nail salon with us tomorrow and get her nails painted. That helped us avoid a meltdown right before bed. I wasn’t going to let her paint her nails until she was 3 years old but being 38 weeks pregnant I’ve learned to pick my battles. 

This morning when Tessa woke up she reminded me she got to get her nails painted at the nail salon today. I asked her what color and she said pink. She even chose an outfit to wear today with pink in it. 

At the nail salon she chose “pink sparkle” as her nail color. She is my little pretty princess that is for sure. 

Then she sat with Gigi to get her nails painted. 

She sat very still and let the lady paint her nails. 

Then Gigi helped her keep her hands still so they could dry. 

She kept admiring her nails and showing everyone. 

While Gigi was finishing her pedicure Auntie took Tessa to the nearby bakery to look at the cupcakes. She bought Tessa a mini strawberry cupcake. Auntie said Tessa was patient in line and used good manners when ordering. Tessa was so proud of her special treat.