1st major fall

Tonight Tessa was helping me make cornbread for dinner and was standing on a chair. She turned around to talk to Daddy and the chair tipped causing her to go crashing to the floor. She hit her arm and face pretty bad. Her mouth was bleeding because she cut the inside of her lip but her teeth were ok. She cried a lot but we managed to get her to eat a Popsicle while we put ice on her head. I felt like the worlds worst parent! After calming her down we cuddled and watched the iPad. While she was watching it she kept holding her wrist and complaining that it hurt. Before taking her to urgent care (it was late and Landon needed to nurse soon) I called the nurse hotline. They quickly called me back and asked a bunch of questions. She told me what to look for and said Tessa would be ok. Tessa cried because we couldn’t go to the doctor. So I took her to Walgreens to get an Ace bandage for her wrist (something the nurse suggested). Once we got there they didn’t have any for toddlers. I decided to pretend that the doctor suggested a band aid instead. Tessa chose princesses band aids (total shocker) and we headed to the check out. On the way a pharmacist assistant walked by and I quietly asked her if she could pretend she was a doctor and tell Tessa that the princess band aid would help her wrist. Luckily she played along and it was enough to convince Tessa. She chose to wear a Belle band aid. 

The next morning she would up singing and dancing like her normal self. She was upset her band aid (she calls its a bandage) got lost in her crib but I explained to her that it is gone because her wrist is healed. 

We survived Tessa’s first major fall and I’m glad it wasn’t as serious as it could be. Next time we will use the kitchen helper Uncle Scott made her.