1st Havasu Trip

Tessa’s first Havasu trip was supposed to be Memorial Weekend but I decided to take her for a test run this weekend. Gigi, Papa, Auntie Madi, and Great Aunt Polly came too. Daddy stayed home because he had to work on Monday. Tessa did ok on the drive out there after fussing a bit she finally fell asleep. Then she woke up hungry so I had to unbuckle and nurse her while we were driving. I didn’t want her to think if she cried enough I would take her out of the car seat. After some quick boob she went back to sleep. We made it there and she slept in her pack n play for the first time. She woke up twice in the middle of the night as usual but she didn’t wake anyone else which made me happy. 

We ate breakfast and got ready to go out on the boat. Tessa looks so cute in her swim suit. I did realize though that she needs some water shoes.  


Once on the boat we put on her life vest but she was so uncomfortable I didn’t make her wear it. It was always close by though.  


Tessa loved being on the boat and eating puffs.  


She loved to watch Madi surf and kept pointing to Madi and then the water. She would all make a specific sound to Papa every time she fell to signal to him to go pick her up.  


Watching Auntie Madi surf 

Watching Mommy surf  

 Then Tessa took a short nap on the boat before eating lunch and playing on the shore. She thought it was funny Papa was trying to call the ducks.  


Then it was back on the boat for more surfing.  


Tessa loved every minute of being out on the lake. We went back to the house and gave Tessa a bath and let her watch Barney. I think Tessa loves Havasu because she gets Cindy and binky whenever she wants and watch Barney.   


Papa went to Walmart and brought Tessa back sand toys and her first fishing pole. He also bought her a more comfortable life vest.  


Tessa had a rough start to her night and woke up screaming. Once she fell back asleep she slept well in her pack n play and woke up her usual twice a night. 

The next morning we woke up to a storm so we went into town so Mom and Aunt Polly could choose cabinets and flooring for the new Havasu house. Tessa had fun in the model home and playing at the cabinet store.  


 Then we went to Red Robin for lunch. Tessa ate her first french fry.  


The weather cleared up so we rushed home to get back on the water to let Madi train for her upcoming wake surf event. Tessa just loves to watch her surf.  


Tessa was so exhausted from her busy and exciting weekend that she slept half way home.  


I’m so happy Tessa loves Havasu as much as I do! I see many more memories being made out on the lake!