1st Eye Exam

I have recently noticed that Tessa has been squinting at the tv, holding her iPad close to her eyes, and would hold puzzle pieces close to see what was on them.  James and I both wear contacts so I wanted to get her eyes checked.  I called around to various pediatric optometrist offices but they wouldn’t see kids until they were 5!  I thought that was crazy.  I called Target which is where I go and they said they start at the age of 3 as long as we approve her to have her eyes dilated.  I hate getting my eyes dilated but I didn’t let Tessa know.  When we showed up they put the drops in her eyes to numb them and then to dilate them.  Tessa was so BRAVE!  She didn’t cry at all.  She just kept saying “I love you, Mommy” something she does when she is nervous.  Tessa let them use the machine to check her eyes which told us she has an astigmatism.  Then they checked her eyes to see if she could see any of the pictures.  Tessa struggled and only could see the birthday cake. The doctor then put on a fake pair of glasses with Tessa’s prescription and she could make out all the pictures!!!  Turns out Tessa is nearsighted and has an astigmatism (just like me).

Next we went to decide on a pair of glasses.  It was a super hard choice.  I originally chose a pair of tortoise colored ones because I wanted them to match everything.  Then I realized that she is a little girl and this is her first pair of glasses so we went with the purple/teal ones that reminded us both of Ariel.  She looks adorable in them and I can’t wait for them to come in. Because Tessa was so brave I let her chose a toy. She chose a mixer like the one we use to make cookies.