1st Dance Class

I signed Tessa up for an 8 week “Dance with Me” dance class at the community center. Tonight was our first class. We went in and all the moms were putting tap shoes on their daughters. I assumed we were in the wrong class because I thought we signed up for a simple dance with mommy class. I asked the teacher and she said shoes aren’t required but they do half the class in tap shoes and half the class in ballet shoes. Tessa was already overwhelmed because all the toddlers were running around in tap shoes make tons of noise. 

Class started and they had to stand by their turkey and practice tapping with their toe and heel. (I have hardly any pictures from our dance experience because Tessa wouldn’t leave my side).  

Then they got to shuffle tap holding on to the bar. Tessa liked this part and was even starting to understand what to do.  


Then they did some other dances and galloped across the floor and changed to ballet shoes. They had to jump over the turkeys during the ballet part which meant Mommy had to pick Tessa up to jump her over the turkeys. At the end of class they got bubbles and stamps which confused Tessa even more because the same thing happens at Gymboree. She kept waiting for Gymbo to appear.  

 Overall, it was out of our comfort zone but hopefully Tessa warms up to the teacher and routines soon.