19 months old!

It’s crazy to think that in 6 months Tessa will be celebrating her 2nd birthday! 

We are so lucky to have such an amazing little girl. She is so sweet, loving, funny and sassy. 

This month she has really come to express her personality even more! She is super friendly and is always waving/saying bye to anyone who talks to her. I’m often told that she looks like Shirley Temple or Curly Sue. 

Tessa has definitely learned the word “no” and uses it frequently throughout the day. She has different tones of voices she uses with it too. She has started using her body language to express herself more. She does a lot of shoulder shrugging and head tilts. Recently she started doing a slow head turn with her eyes as if she is being bothered. She is too much sometimes. 

This month she has mastered getting off our tall bed and the couch without help. She is still extremely cautious so it takes her a long time to get comfortable with doing new things. 

Gymboree has taught her stop/go and in/out. She is really good at playing stop and go and sometimes I catch her playing it by herself or with a doll. 

Tessa loves loves loves music and always requests Barney songs. She has learned the dance for the song Mr. Sun. Whenever she watches the videos she copies the dance that the kids are doing. I can’t wait to sign her up for dance classes at the community center by our new house! 

She likes to play with play doh almost daily. She thinks it’s funny to squish it in her hands. She wants me to roll it out so she can use her cookie cutter to makes circles. 

Every morning after Tessa nurses she sits on her comforter and reads to herself. It’s so sweet to listen to her “read”. 

Her favorite drink is Kool Aid Roaring Waters Capri sun. She loves them! Her favorite food is french fries. 

She is a Disney freak and is constantly pointing out Mickey, Minnie, Sofia or Olaf were ever we go. Her current favorite is Doc McStuffins. She is always talking about how she gives Doc hugs, kisses and dances with her at Disneyland. 

Tessa loves to go to Gigi and Papa’s house to see Chol-Chol (Chole the cat). Sometimes she is more excited to see the cat than Gigi, Papa, or Auntie. 

Overall, Tessa is just a fun loving toddler that has brighten all of our lives and we are thankful for her everyday!