16 months old! 

Time is flying by! Another month has passed and Tessa is now 16 months old! She is growing out of her size 18 month clothes, is getting her two top molars and her first canine tooth. She has finally stopped nursing twice a night and is only waking up around 2am to nurse now. I’m loving the extra sleep. She has pretty much stopped nursing during the day unless it is for comfort. She asks for boobies right when she wakes up and goes to bed at night. Binky and Cindy still go with us everywhere but she only uses them at naps and bedtime.

Tessa LOVES her family. She constantly wants to call them on FaceTime. Her favorite thing to do is to point to our family frame and say everyone’s name. She even knows her own name and points to her princess picture above her bed every time I get her from the crib. 

Tessa’s favorite toy is any book. She loves loves loves books and constantly wants to have you read to her. She tries to repeat the last word you read on each page. She is talking a lot more and will point to things while we are out and about that she knows ie car, truck, ball, boat. 

Lately she has been very clingy and cuddly. I love it though. It’s nice she wants to spend time with us. She doesn’t mind being left with Gigi though and never cries when we leave. 

She loves to help with daily activities like the laundry, washing her hands, and picking up her toys.

Hide and go seek and peek a boo are her favorite games. She doesn’t quite understand the hide and go seek part since she wants you to say “boo”. 

Tessa loves music and we constantly have Pandora playing. Her favorite stations are Disney and Barney. She loves it when Daddy comes home to dance with her. 

Although she rarely watches tv she does enjoy watching Barney because they sing lots of songs and dance. 

Her favorite places are still Gymboree and Disneyland. As soon as we park she knows we are going to see Gymbo. At Disneyland she is starting to recognize her favorite rides and can’t wait to get out of the stroller to ride them. 

Overall, Tessa is a super happy, flexible and easy baby. As long as she has mommy, daddy and her entourage around she is pretty much up for anything.