15 months old!

I feel like this month Tessa turned into a toddler. Suddenly she lost her baby face and decided to look like a big girl. It is weird to think back to the days when she would just lay on the floor or nurse all day. 

Now she is so busy. She is constantly walking around and talking. She loves to try to repeat the last word you say to her. Her days are pretty structured so she knows her routines and what is going to come next. 

Everyday she is trying to become more and more independent. She wants to watch you go potty so she can wash her hands. She thinks she needs to help with the dishwasher and constantly wants you to open the fridge. I find this funny since she is such a picky eater and hardly eats anything when she does sit down to eat. 

Tessa is learning to follow simple instructions like turning off her music, throwing away trash, and picking up her toys. She loves to listen to you read books and likes to “turn, turn, turn…sit” in your lap to read. Her favorite books are anything with a Disney Princess. Right now Ariel is a favorite. 

Being outside is still her favorite thing.  She knows as soon as Dada gets home she gets to swing, play with bubbles, walk around with her Minnie car, and go on a walk. 

She loves to FaceTime her family and actually understands how it works. Tessa loves to look at everyone’s pictures on the wall and point to them. She loves to spend time with her family regardless of where that is. Gigi is definitely her favorite person though. 

Tessa is still nursing which I’m thankful for since she doesn’t like to eat much food. At least I know she is getting her nutrients. She still wakes up twice a night to nurse. 

We are working on teaching Tessa more signs to keep her from getting frustrated. Some of the time the actual sign is too difficult and she ends up making up her own. I figure as long as she can communicate and get her point across that is all that matters. 

People tell me all the time what an easy, happy, and well behaved baby Tessa is. I’m nervous that we might not get so lucky the next time around. So for the time being I’ll embrace our sweet, happy, easy, fun loving, smart, go with the flow, amazing little girl.