14 months old!

Time is just flying by! I feel like once Tessa turned one she turned into a toddler over night! The big milestone she achieved this month was learning how to walk. I’m so happy our butt scooting days are behind us. Now her clothes stay much cleaner. She also learned now to stand up from the sitting position so she is on the move constantly. 

Tessa loves to listen to stories and learns so much from them. Some stories we have read so many times she knows what is going to happen on the next page. Her favorites right now are “I See Me” and any book with Biscuit in it. She can identify her nose, mouth, ears, hair, and toes. We are still working on eyes. She tries to repeat any word that you say. Right now she is trying to say bounce when she bounces the ball with Daddy. 

She listens well to instructions most of the time and quickly catches onto new skills. This month she learned how to climb the stairs and is still learning how to get back down. When you ask her questions such as “what do you do to call the kitty?” She knows to tap her hand on the ground. She makes connections between what you ask her and the signs or motions we have taught her. We are working on asking her “What would you like?” Instead of “What do you want?” Since she isn’t always going to get what she wants. 

Tessa has been trying new foods this month and acts like she loves it but after 5 bites she is done. She is starting to eat more of what we are having for dinner and using her spoon and fork on her own. She is still nursing but is starting to snack more throughout the day and still wakes up twice a night to eat.

Her favorite places are Gymboree and Disneyland. She knows exactly where she is once she is out of the car. 

She loves her late afternoon swings with Daddy because he plays music for her and blows bubbles. 

Tessa loves to go to Gigi and Papa’s house because she gets to play with the kitties and go in the spa. Plus Auntie Madi is there to throw her around and be silly with. 

She loves to FaceTime Tia Lindsey and even understands it more. We are lucky that she comes down to visit at least once a month.

Tessa is a pretty lucky girl and we are lucky to be her parents!