13 Months Old! 

It seemed like once Tessa turned a year old she decided to be a toddler and lose her baby face. She looks so grown up now 🙁 

This month Tessa took her first steps and ended with that. She refuses to take steps again and has no interest in walking. I’m ready for her to walk so she quits ruining all the bottoms of her outfits. 

Her favorite activity is to dance. She loves music and is always asking me to turn on her toys so that she can hear the music. 

We are working on getting her to eat more solids and having her feed herself with a spoon seems to help. She still prefers to nurse over eating though. 

She loves to play at Gigi and Papa’s house and constantly wants to go in the pool. She is definitely going to be a water baby this summer. 

Tessa has discovered a love for Barney but doesn’t really watch the show just listens and dances to the music. She has learned that the Xbox is what plays Barney so she stands on her tip toes to turn it on or hops over to use with the controller. 

Ever since her birthday she thinks she should get or have a balloon at all times. She even reaches for them when we are at the grocery store.

She can identity her nose, toes, hair, and belly. She is practicing learning more body parts each day too. She knows the signs for more, all done, yucky, and outside. Both yucky and outside are ones she made up herself. 

Can’t wait to see what new words she learns next month and hopefully see her finally walk!