10 months old!

Another month has passed and now Tessa is in the double digits! 10 months old I can’t believe it!
Tessa is growing and changing so much every day. She is little Miss Independent and doesn’t want help doing anything. She will even push your hand away. She does like it when you “teach” her what to do or how to do it. This is how she learned to push buttons on toys. Now whenever she sees a button she tries to push it on her own.
Her favorite game is peek a boo and she is really good at it!
She loves to dance! Anytime music starts playing on a toy or she hears music she stops playing to dance.
Tessa can wave “hi” and “bye” and just today she started opening her hand while waving instead of just moving her whole arm. She says “oh” instead of uh oh every time she throws or drops something. She loves to look for what she has thrown from her high chair and waits for you to pick it up so the game can continue.
This month she has started giving kisses to her toys and books. She loves to give kisses to pandas. She also likes to “give loves” to her dolly and Mommy. I love that she is becoming cuddly.
Besides putting everything in her mouth to explore it she also uses her index finger to learn. She is always using her finger to find small objects on the carpet normally scraps of paper in the craft room. She also likes to put her finger in small indents on her toys or in the holes where the screws go.
Her favorite activity is to use your hands to pull herself up to the standing position. She would do this all day if we let her. She has also started taking steps while holding onto our hands. I think she will start walking and skip crawling especially since now she does a butt scoot to get to what she wants. She goes to her belly and will scoot backwards but doesn’t want to actually crawl. (I did my research and studies show that babies don’t “need” to crawl to do well in school or be good readers).
She has also become quite the talker! She is always talking and loves saying ba-ba-ba. We are still waiting for mama and dada.
Tessa has also started pulling herself to the standing position so now everything she comes across is something to try to stand up on.
She loves loves loves toys and is good at playing by herself. She also loves spending time and playing with her family. And visiting Disneyland with Mommy and Daddy.
We are visiting James’ family in San Jose for the weekend so her onesie picture will be taken tomorrow.